Elementor #61




for Lokerse Feesten 2019, August 9

Between the photographer with the name mentioned above and Lokerse Feesten vzw 

The following is agreed: 

  • It is not allowed to photograph the performing artists from the visitor’s area. 
  • The photographer will, at all times, follow the instructions communicated by the Lokerse Feesten.  Only an artist has the right to decide over the audiovisual rights, and has the final say regarding access to the frontstage area and the permission to take photographs and / or visual and sound recordings. 

The restrictions / stipulations communicated by the artist will always be forwarded by the Lokerse Feesten, to the press tent, the frontstage entrance and the frontstage area. 

  • For safety reasons the Lokerse Feesten may take extra measures.  Lokerse Feesten vzw will try not to hinder the work of the photographers as much as possible. 

  • The photographer is allowed to shoot atmosphere pictures in and around the festival area. 
  • The photographer him (her) self is responsible for all materials brought to the festival.  Lockers are provided at the press tent. 
  • Pictures made at the Lokerse Feesten can only be used to report about the Lokerse Feesten for the medium mentioned above.  The use of pictures for another publication is only allowed with a written agreement, upfront, from the organization. 

In case this agreement is not adhered to, the Lokerse Feesten vzw may deny the photographer access to the festival area.  

Entrance to the festival grounds is only valid for the day(s)/artist(s) confirmed by email. 

Agreed in Lokeren,

August 2019

(Signature photographer +  

name + ‘read and approved’)  

For Lokerse Feesten vzw 

Amaury Van Kenhove